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"Gobs of hickeys with Duran Duran"

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radio [Nov. 10th, 2013|01:34 pm]
"Gobs of hickeys with Duran Duran"
My friend Jessie wrote this a few months ago. I love it.

"Last night, listening to Yoni’s radio show, I felt like I was 16, 17, again, in the best possible way. Sitting in the dark of a quiet house, with everyone else asleep, and sipping whiskey, and listening thru my headphones to a late night DJ playing the best music, and the only other sounds I could hear were the occasional car driving past and the trains running thru town; like being a teenager and sitting up late when everyone else was asleep, drinking coffee and maybe surreptitiously slipping whiskey or brandy in it, and yeah back then I’d be tuning into some Milwaukee or Kenosha or Chicago station on my handheld AM/FM/cassette player rather than listening to an Internet stream on my damn smartphone, but it was the same feeling. That feeling of being only one of a handful awake, the few whose radios are tuned to the same station in the vasty American night, and it felt like a great secret, the DJ playing some songs you know so well and being happy that someone else knows them, the DJ playing some songs you’ve never heard before but immediately loved and they gave them to you like an aural gift, gave them to you and the other night owls who had to stay awake to hear just one more guitar chord, one more drumbeat, one more perfect fucking song."

[User Picture]From: sabotabby
2013-11-10 06:45 pm (UTC)
That's such a great endorsement!
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